The rules are those of the Hobnanigans game, however other small rules are to be added.

If the chicken is stuck (which happens from time to time) and one of the two teams leads by 6 points or more, then this team wins the match. In the opposite case the match has to be replayed.

Anything aiming at deconcentrating the opponent is forbidden.

Any form of cheat or bug exploit is also prohibited.

If a team is absent when it is its turn to play they are eliminated from the tournament.

Thank you for being polite and respectful to referees as well as to other players.

The referees’ decisions can not be challenged. If however you notice refereeing errors (it is not impossible, to err is human), you can inform a referee so that we can watch the video. If you feel that the present referees have made an unsuitable decision, you can contact Nagollas (preferably in private message on the discord or at the following email address,